What is a Millennial Mama?

By definition, Millennials are described as anyone born between the early 1980s – 1990s.  In my opinion, our generation is harshly characterized as being narcissistic, self-involved, lazy, entitled and flighty.  We’ve been referred to as the Peter Pan or Boomerang generation because we put off adult rites of passage like starting a career, getting married and having kids.

More often than not, I feel like our redeeming qualities like confidence, open-mindedness, resourcefulness, tech savvy, entrepreneurial and creative are left to the wayside.  The negative generalizations don’t represent all of us.  There are Millennial parents out there.  I’m a Millennial and I’m a mom.  It’s likely that if you found my site, you are, too.  Hi, friend. 🙂

Millennial Mamas are an anomaly.  In a study by Weber Shandwick and KRC Research, 2,000 Millennial Moms in North America were tracked and the results were pretty on point.  In short, MMs are highly connected, extremely influential and love to share information about products and services.
So, why are marketers forgetting about us?   I think it goes back to being an anomaly.  I also think that we are always looking for the most unique things around.  I have examples, but those will come later.
Anyway, it is my hope that this blog will help me find other Millennial Mamas to share our experiences, business ideas, favorite products, websites, recipes, TV shows, restaurants, music, news — you name it.
 So, take a look around and stay awhile.
Millennial Mamas, unite!

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