Confessions of an Online Shopper :: Baby Edition

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I’m not gonna lie, when it comes to online shopping, I have a problem.  I LOVE it.  I honestly find it so much more enjoyable than driving to the mall, fighting for parking, trying on clothes, then having to wait in line and usually not getting a deal.  Sometimes it’s totally necessary because it’s mandatory to try on something or there’s no time for shipping, but for most things, I shop online.
Here are some of my favorite online destinations for baby-related items:

From maternity wear to baby clothes to toys, this site has a wide variety of options and the prices are reasonable.  It’s basically your one-stop shop for all things related to child-rearing.  Since it’s “flash sales”, the inventory changes all the time.  Sometimes there are better deals than others and the good stuff sales out quick, i.e. TOMS shoes.  Also, they take awhile to ship, but they’ve gotten better.  Another big caveat is that most of their items aren’t eligible for returns, so keep that in mind as you’re buying stuff for your littles.  I tend to go a size up, just in case.

The Honest Company
Talk about going green –  everything on this site is non-toxic.  In addition to being great for the environment, the products are awesome and the diapers are so cute!  It’s not the cheapest option, but their diaper cakes are ridiculously adorable for baby showers.  I use the “bundle” option because it’s a better value.  It’s $35.95 for 5 items (not including shipping of $5.95).  If you bundle, watch out for the auto-shipment.  You can extend your shipment out up to 8 weeks if you don’t want to cancel, but they don’t send reminders when you’re about to get charged again, so you need to remember to check it.  I love their shampoo, leave-in conditioner, lip balm, stain remover and wipes.

Amazon Mom
If you aren’t already an Amazon Mom, I suggest signing up.  In order to get the discounts and Subscribe & Save, you need to sign up as a Prime member.  In my opinion, it’s totally worth it.  You get an additional 15% off anything that you Subscribe to, meaning you set a schedule to receive the item regularly.  We do this for diapers, wipes, diaper genie refills and even toothpaste.  With Amazon Prime you also get free 2-day shipping with Prime items as well as access to Prime Instant Video.  If you have a Kindle (I don’t, unfortunately), you gain access to the Lending Library, which is supposed to be really cool.  Oh, and it’s $79 a year.

H&M Kids
Is it just me or did it take forever for this website to allow online purchases?  Anyway, I recently went a a little nuts on Fall clothes.  The long sleeve toddler shirts were affordable, especially the 2-packs.  The outerwear was pricey, but that’s pretty standard for good quality.  I have yet to receive my first shipment, but I thought their selection was awesome.  Very cute clothes!
Since I’m a hardcore Amazon Mom, I never bought any diapers from here.  I know, it’s counterintuitive.  I heard they offer great discounts on carseats, so I got my Britax Boulevard from them.  It’s not a cheap carseat, so the 25% discount was helpful.  I was amazed at how quickly the carseat arrived and their online selection was a lot better than any of the stores I checked out locally.  

Old Navy
Every time my daughter goes through a growth spurt, I get online and buy some Old Navy clothes.  I suggest going into a store to confirm your child’s size, then go crazy online.  I feel like finding toddler clothes in their store is much harder than finding them online.  Maybe it’s because the toddler section is always trashed during a sale.  Anyway, they have great play clothes and my deliveries always arrive within two to three days of ordering.

They have definitely become my go-to for holiday clothing.  They always have the cutest Christmas outfits!  Last year, I got the owl themed outfits with the matching beanie and leggings.  It’s hit or miss with them, but worth checking out during sales and around Christmas.

Baby Gap 
I know it’s expensive, but it’s way too cute not to check out.  They have “flash sales” on their site sometimes, so try to check them out when the seasons change.  I splurged on a really cute winter jacket last year and it was worth every penny.  Great quality and a good place to look for special occasions.

These have come in handy!  I used them a lot when we were potty training.  They allowed my little one to keep her legs warm while not wearing pants.  Anyway, they sometimes have sales for only $5 a pair (they are usually $12).  The best part is that they truly are “one size fits all”.  My daughter has been using the same pairs of leg warmers since she was 6 months old and she’s 2 now.  Great value and a lot of designs to choose from.


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